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Along with the chapter president and vp: membership, our recruitment team includes our Director of Primary Recruitment, Director of Recruitment Records, and Director of Continuous Recruitment & Retention. Get to know the directors and read their recruitment tips and advice for PNMs (Potential New Members) below!

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Ashlyn Rominger

Director of Primary Recruitment

Dear Future PNM,

I am SO  excited that you are considering going through primary recruitment! Joining DG fall of my freshman year was one of the best decisions I've ever made. As an out of state student, I was nervous coming to a school where I knew absolutely no one. So, I decided to go through recruitment in hopes of finding a sense of community at such a large school. Initially, I was pretty nervous, but as soon as I began speaking with DGs, that feeling went away. One of my favorite things about DG was how genuine it was- all of the conversations I had and the women I met were amazing. I saw myself becoming an active member of the chapter and Thriving and that has been nothing short of the truth. The sense of Community and support I have found in this chapter has been like no other and now I have the honor to serve as Director of Primary Recruitment and help other women discover the same! My biggest piece of advice to you is to Embrace your true self and follow you instincts. We want to meet the real you and help you find your forever home. Go in with an open mind, make decisions for yourself, and enjoy the process, because everything is going to work out. No matter where you end up, you'll create Lifelong friendships and find the place that's right for. you. I'm excited to meet you all in the fall and help you through this special time! 

Sally Gaggero

Director of Recruitment Records

Hi! My name is Sally Gaggero and I am the director of recruitment records for delta gamma at UCI. When I went through primary recruitment I was super excited but also really nervous. I am from Chicago so moving to the other side of the country knowing no one was really daunting. Coming into the DG house, I knew in a gut instinct it was where I belonged. That being said my biggest piece of advice is Pay attention to your heart and your body during primary recruitment! You know you best and pay attention to Where you feel welcomed, appreciated and most at home. DG truly is my home away from home and the people I met during recruitment are still some of my best friends today! We can’t wait to meet you in the fall and for you to find your home away from home too!



Calista Bennett

Director of Continuous Recruitment & Retention

Hey future PNM!!
My name is Calista Bennett and I am the director of continuous opening bidding aka COB. it’s honestly been a full circle moment to be able to hold this position because going through COB is how I joined Delta Gamma!! When I first got to college, I was super intimidated by sorority life and didn’t go through primary recruitment. Turns out COB was the
perfect process for me!! Being in this chapter was one of the best decisions I could’ve made for college life. I was struggling to adjust to college life and Delta Gamma helped me build connections with amazing women across campus, grew my personal confidence levels, and has overall made UCI a home away from home for me. If you’re thinking about going through recruitment or have any reservations, just do it!! You will meet so many people and make life long friends. embrace every opportunity that comes your way, and I know you’ll find where you’re meant to be. i’m so excited to meet you, have fun throughout this amazing process!! 

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