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From the moment our new Delta Gammas step into our house on Bid Day,

they know they've become a part of something big. While we are apt to volunteer, socialize, and

pursue scholastic goals, our organization is primarily focused on creating bonds and friendships between our members. These bonds are the driving force behind everything we do and everything we stand for. We pride ourselves in knowing that our memories, friendships, and traditions as Delta Gammas will continue long after our days here at UCI - they will last a lifetime.

We will forever be "anchored in friendship." 







Throughout the year we host events exclusive to Delta Gammas! They range anywhere from sisterhood retreats, hikes to hidden places in Laguna Beach, trips to Disneyland, free spin or yoga classes, discounted private shopping events, or simply a night downstairs at the DG house (complete with pizza and Netflix). You'll always have a sister who is up for camping at Stagecoach, running the San Francisco Nike Marathon, taking a day trip to LA, or spending a lazy day at our home away from home - Newport Beach. 

This is what our sisterhood is all about. 




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