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Some of the women of Delta Gamma have shared why they went through recruitment and chose Delta Gamma as their home away from home. Hover over their pictures and read more below to learn about their personal experiences and how this makes our sisterhood so special!


Emma Browning

With my family living far away in Texas, I was looking for a strong support system and people that would make me feel welcomed and be there for me during recruitment...

I can say confidently that I made the right decision. I found girls that encourage me to be my happiest, smartest, and my most unique self. DG has given me genuine life long friendships with girls that continue to push me to do my best in everything that I do.


Amelia Carlston

I never fully grasped the understanding of calling someone my “Sister” when I first went through recruitment. I was able to tell that this chapter is  loving where everyone is so happy to see each other succeed in life and in their own endeavors, like a true sister. It is so heart warming to know that there are so many different people with different goals in life who all share the same love to Do Good.

Going into UCI I want to work towards being the best version of myself and I couldn't ask for a more in-tune group of intelligent young women who come together that share the same moral responsibilities... 


Barbara dos Reis

The summer before recruitment, I was so so nervous that I would feel as though I didn’t belong anywhere. When I met DG though, all those nerves washed away.

It was such a welcoming environment and seeing the girls interacting with each other and the genuine friendships they had formed made me want that too! It was definitely the best decision I made as I formed friendships that I truly will cherish forever. I started college scared that I wouldn’t even find a sorority, and not only did I find a sorority, I found a family


Carli Chiodo

Joining DG has been the best decision I’ve made in college so far. Last year was my first year on campus, and I definitely felt a little lost trying to find my place at UCI. I knew I had to make a change

and DG has definitely been the best place I could have gone to. I feel like it can be hard to fit in at a big school like UCI, but DG has provided me a home and a group of girls I trust and love. In what was previously a dim college experience for me, Delta Gamma has brought a bright light that I know will continue to shine throughout the rest of my time here at UCI


Antonia Piercey

I am very close with my little sister and consider her to be my best friend. When it came time to leave for college, I knew I needed someone who could be there for me and who I could trust, just like her...

During recruitment, I noticed how truly genuine all the women were in Delta Gamma and immediately felt a connection. At first, I wanted to join a sorority for the lifelong friendships, but in Delta Gamma, I found something much more. I found a home away from home as well as friends who I now consider family and can’t imagine life without.


Maeve Estrada

I committed to UCI really late after getting off the waitlist for the nursing program. I was nervous about how challenging it would be, and was worried I wouldn't be able to be as social and make friends...

Since joining DG, not only have I been given the opportunity to meet my best friends at school, but I'm also academically encouraged and supported everyday by my sisters! There are so many women in this chapter that are also STEM majors and the mentorship and support from them never stops. I am so thankful to have found my home in a community that gives me the perfect balance of allowing me to be a strong student and also a social person. I love DG!!


Allison Kim

Growing up hearing about my mom's memories in her sorority and seeing the close friendships she maintained through the years, I knew I wanted to join a sorority in college...

After going through recruitment, I'm so glad I chose DG. Here I have met some of my closest friends and women who constantly inspire and support me. I have grown in many ways thanks to this chapter and will always cherish the memories and friendships I've made and will tell my future kids about one day.


Brooklyn Caldara 

Coming to UCI I was so nervous because I have had the same friends all my life and I did not know anyone going into college. I grew up in small communities and was scared of getting lost in such a big campus.

Joining DG allowed me to feel connected to a group of women who not only encouraged me to be my best self but also gave me a community where I feel safe. I have found some of my lifelong friends by joining DG and I cannot express how much Delta Gamma has changed my life for the better. I can say full-heartedly that DG is my home away from home. 


Rachel Bronder

At a school like UC Irvine with such a large student population, I was seeking a community of women who support, uplift, and encourage one another...

and that is exactly what I felt at Delta Gamma! It’s so amazing to look around seeing women from all different backgrounds, all pursuing careers in every different trajectory you can imagine. I can say with pride that my sisters in Delta Gamma motivate me every day to be the best version of myself I can be.

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