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Here at Delta Gamma, our calendar is full of wonderful social events including formals, exchanges, and other themed events, as well as some of our favorite yearly traditions like Big Little Reveal and Founders' Day! As Delta Gammas, we pride ourselves on being able to balance the rigor of our scholastic endeavors with a full social calendar. We are always looking to meet new friends and bond with the Greek community, UCI's beloved Division I athletes, and other campus organizations! 

Check out a few of the year's highlights below!



Delta Gamma is known for hosting some of the best formals of the year! Twice a year we rent out one of Orange County's amazing venues so we can dress up and dance the night away with our sisters and dates. We host Fall Affair in the fall, and our crowd favorite is Anchorball held in the spring, on a yacht going down the Newport Marina.


Date Dashes

Twice a year DG extends an invitation to friends in other sororities and fraternities to join us on a spontaneous trip to a local roller rink or bowling alley. These themed events boast some of the most fun and unforgettable moments with some of our best friends on campus. Recent date dashes include DG Disco at Club Bleu and Draft a DG at Irvine Lanes!


One of the most special parts of our sisterhood is getting a Big Sister! A Big Sister is an older member of the chapter that forms a special bond with a new member. This bond grows throughout their college years and on. Leading up to the reveal, Big Sisters spend a week spoiling their Little Sisters with handcrafted gifts, DG apparel, and their favorite treats. At the end of the week, Bigs and Littles are revealed at Balboa Pier in Newport. Big/Little reveal is one of the most anticipated and exciting events of the year!