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Delta Gamma is known for hosting some of the best formals of the year! Each quarter we rent out one of Orange County's amazing venues so we can dress up and dance the night away with our sisters and suitors. Our most popular event is spring quarter's Luau -- our seniors' last event as Delta Gammas. We all bid "aloha" to our graduating members.


A few times a year we will embark on a weekend trip exclusive to Delta Gammas. We cannot begin to explain how special these weekends are, but any member will attest that at retreat, you make memories you will cherish for a lifetime. 



One of the best things about our chapter is that we are social both within and without the Greek community. We love spending time with and getting to know our Division I athletes. And particularly we love cheering them on come game day! Rip 'Em Eaters!!! 


Venue parties are themed events hosted by UCI fraternities at venues near campus. There are any number of them throughout the year and they provide a great opportunity to dress up with your sisters and have a great night! 


Date Dashes:

Twice a year DG extends an invitation to friends in other sororities and fraternities to join us on a spontaneous trip to a local roller rink or bowling alley. These themed events boast some of the most fun and unforgettable moments with some of our best friends on campus.

Here at Delta Gamma, our calendar is full of wonderful social events including formals, exchanges, and other themed events! As Delta Gammas, we pride ourselves on being able to balance the rigor of our scholastic endeavors with a full social calendar. We are always looking to meet new friends and bond with the Greek community, UCI's beloved Division I athletes, and other campus organizations! 

Check out a few of the year's highlights below!


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